Behind The Night

Faced-paced Spy Thriller

In the game of world control, nothing is what it seems. Let the game begin!In a race to find the perpetrators of financial terrorism, the US sends its distinguished operative into a world that is not what it seems. From the strings that control the Presidency to the Cabal that controls the money, everything is hazy. The men in charge of espionage are also some of the most brutal killers, taking pleasure in the work they do. Some do it for flag and country, and others kill for personal pleasure.In a race to save the sovereignty of the largest economy in the world, watch as the agents go about extracting information while playing a game of cat and mouse. The prize is not always about money, and it’s not always about power. It’s about both. The point where money and power collide is in the modern American Presidency.The real mastermind stands back and watches as the rest of the world stumbles and falls at the whim of the master. This is such a story, where the clues to the game are found in every word and chapter. Will the truth eventually be revealed and the true mastermind uncovered? Espionage is a game of knowledge. It is the power the world is built on. Knowledge is the real of intelligence and intelligence is the trade of spies. It is evident as the players, the Thirteen, the Omnis, and the Szindikatus come together and set the world ablaze.Behind The Night is the first book in the Shadow Core series. If you liked Jack Ryan and The Jason Bourne Series, then you will love this fast-paced cloak and dagger thriller.

"FredFantastic book 10/10 would recommend"
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