Being Set Up: A heart-warming short M/M novella

Sometimes the thing you dread the most is exactly what you need...

Michael has had so many dates arranged by well-meaning friends turn into catastrophes that he now spooks at the concept. So when his best friend tries to set him up with his wife’s cousin, he shuts down the notion swiftly and brutally.But when he actually meets Teddy by accident, they have a connection beyond anything Michael has ever experienced. Can Michael get over his stubbornness and embrace the potentially best thing to every happen to him?

The Brothers

Y.I.T.B.: It means Yours In The Bonds.  It was how they signed their letters and their emails to each other. 

Confuse Me

Confuse Me is a prequel to the Hawthorn Hills Duet series. This short story takes you back to Providence and

An imPerfect Trap

Getting trapped in a psychotic fae’s twisted game isn’t my idea of a fun Friday afternoon. When one of them

About the Author

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