Body Count Rise – A Christine Halloway Thriller – Prequel

The Hunter becomes the Hunted

NYPD Detective Christine Halloway finally gets her first murder assignement.
When a New York City socialite is stabbed repeatedly it’s up to Halloway to determine who is behind the henious crime.From the “hot” boyfriend with a jealous streak to her female neighbour that has hidden romantic desires for the victim, Detective Halloway must bring who ever is responsible to justice…one way or another.The hunter becomes the hunted in this well paced, tension filled, page-turner

Cody Bay Inn: Nantucket Calling

Left homeless, shocked, heartbroken, broke, and alone in Boston, twelve years ago, Cody’s grandparents, who raised her, encouraged her to

With Glowing Hearts

With Glowing Hearts a novellaIn World War II an air force pilot and a nurse meet in London during the

About the Author

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