Bossy Professor

Off-limits Enemies to Lovers Romance

What started as an innocent coffee date unfolded as a steamy one-night stand.

He is an incessant grump and billionaire bachelor. A fake engagement blurred pretense and passion, beyond the classroom.

Martin swears it won’t happen again. I despise him for dumping me. Yet, an undeniable secret desire sparks, a forbidden craving.

Our chemistry is too real.

Hating him is hard too!!

Hurt and lonely, I look to find solace in a neon-lit nightclub.

In a life threatening incident,Martin, my protector, saves me risking his own life.

Will this incident bring us back together? If only, he could heal his old wounds and bend his own rules.

The Assassin’s Code

Trapped in a parallel world, Kana needs to save her sister, but will she be able to do so without

Hopeless in The City

Since age five, she has trained alongside her two best friends. After college, all three threw caution to the wind

The Five Hive Plateau

When Origon Cyrysi receives word of the genocide on the homeworld of the Pixies, he decides he must help them,

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