Branded by Daddy

Come Here Kitten - Let Daddy Manhandle You

Reader Warning: There is a daddy at the beginning, middle and end of this book. This book contains a panty-dropping, spanking Daddy Dom and a heroine who craves his commanding form of passion. It does not feature age play, pacis or diapers. This story is written for mature audiences. It contains sexual scenes intended for adults who think that naughty is nice. If such material offends you, please, whatever you do, don’t download this book.

…Logan wanted to resist her, but from minute one, Sofie appealed to every alpha instinct in his body. He dreaded the thought of the road getting repaired and no longer being able to boss her around in bed. It meant that Sofie would be gone, along with their temporary living arrangement with him as her Daddy Dom.

Sofie was a successful entrepreneur, stranded and alone on the edge of the rugged lost coast of California…

She was starting to question her own sanity about moving to Briarville, a cow town in the middle of no where. She was more than ready to escape the city, start her new life, and fully escape the pain of the past.

Only one problem with that idea. While driving during a winter storm her car almost falls into the crevice of a mudslide, and she is stranded on a remote road with no way to get to town. Luckily, a local rancher comes to her rescue.

Even more lucky, Logan gave Sofie the tingles all over with his stern, command and attentive care. Arousing her, arouses him. Will she learn to follow his rules? Or will she break them on purpose in order to receive his special brand of punishment?

"5.0 out of 5 stars Good. Grief.This series slays me. It's just so ridiculously hot! There was so much chemistry and passion."
5 Star Amazon Review

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