Breaking the Chains of Addiction: An Introduction to Addictive Free Life

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Looking To Break Free from Addictive Behaviors? We Have Answers

Breaking the Chains of Addiction is an introduction to the 12-step program Addictive Free Life where people are being set free from the addiction that made them sick and tired, using God’s way. It is a program that focuses to end any type of addiction.

In this important guide you will learn:

• What is addiction, and a proven way to overcome it
• How to walk away from stinking thinking
• Find a wonderful path to go beyond addiction
• Finding the vision to secure your freedom

Another value behind this book includes:

• Recovery vs. Freedom
• Myths and Facts about recovery
• Where did the Twelve-steps come from

If you are looking to stop the pain, hurt, and lies that come from addictions, then this eBook is for you. We will gladly refund your misery if this is not the right path for you.

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