Broken Halo

Will he risk everything, even his own life, to protect her?

As Savage Halo Royalty, Brick is a revered MC member, but because he isn’t “blood” some Royalty members don’t trust him, including Vice President King. Royalty has been breathing down Brick’s neck to marry an ol’ lady of their choice to prove his loyalty to the club.

For three years, Brick has been undercover. He’s spent every minute carefully planning his next move, watching his back, and building trust within the club to do one thing. Bring down criminal Max King. Brick’s so close he can almost taste it.

Then in walks trouble from the past.

Ireland Atlas is an ex-member and deserter of Savage Halo, which puts her on a “list” with Royalty. She’s looking for her sister who was last seen near the Broken Halo Club that Brick runs. When Ireland gets him caught up in a situation that puts her life in danger, and risks exposing him as an agent, he vows to save her. But first, she must do something for him.

They must marry.

They will have to fight to stay alive. But can they fight the feelings erupting between them?

Undercover Silvers are part of an undercover unit with the DEA. They focus on bringing down MC criminals. Each agent has a story to tell of tours of duty, war wounds, heartbreak, resilience, and most importantly, skill. And they’re all SILVER FOXES.

"I truly enjoy Rhonda Lee Carver’s writing and each book I read in her library I love it more. This particular book may very well be my favorite of all which says a lot. The development of the story, the pace of action and the development of characters all lend to a great book. The situations our characters find themselves in are very real. However, the approach and style of writing was very tasteful.Having the primary male character as someone who had what I imagined as one having a look that could stop whatever was outside the lines of order, one who has lived a little being at the age of 40 and what I also pictured as one who could have stopped a woman dead in her tracks, was perfect for this story. Like the lead female, I fell hard for Brick. However, I had the inside track of the pull of the man on the right side of the law and the one living within a situation that required loyalty to the wrong side.I loved seeing a lead female who left a life that she had known for the majority of her life in order to save family. It could have been easy for her to take the easy way and go along with the status quo to avoid issues. She has a level head even though her emotions tend to run hot. I can’t deny that my emotions have taken over and things became a little heated.I hope we see these characters in some fashion in the future especially since the chemistry was off the charts. It has been hard to leave them all behind. I can’t wait to see what other Silvers have in store."
5 Star Amazon Review

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