The Wild Side of the Mountain

A Contemporary Western Novella

Cassie Eldwin despises the human race.

The Colorado hermit learned long ago that there was nothing the human race and civilization had to offer her. Living on the wild side of the mountain on her homestead means that she stays out of the city and she can spend her time with her real companions– her animals and the mustangs that roam free on her land.

Civilization comes to her when a runaway shows up on her property in the middle of a snowstorm. Riley Monroe would like nothing more than just to get back to Denver and her city life, but stumbling onto Cassie’s property is about to land her back where she started– her aunt’s ranch.

To both Cassie and Riley’s horror, the snowstorm had blocked the road, and both hermit and runaway are stuck on the wild side of the mountain. But when Riley discovers she holds a mysterious gift– and may be able to help Cassie with a mysterious illness plaguing the mustangs– both of them will have to work together in order to save the wild horses.

My Side of the Mountain and The Stubborn Mare twist with A Christmas Carol in this story about a hermit with a broken past, a girl on the run from her old life, and the wild mustangs that bring them together on the Western Colorado range.

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