Brooks & Smith: Detective Tales, Volume 1

A Collection of 30 Pulse-Raising Yarns!

Being a detective is hard.

Being a paranormal detective is harder.

Being a paranormal detective in a world where kombucha cultures gain sentience and werepigeons terrorize Manhattan? The hardest. But that’s the job Arturo Brooks and Edward Smith signed up for, no matter how difficult or how strange it gets.

It gets pretty damned strange in this short story collection.

How will our heroes handle a haunted pond, communist elves, 3D-printed sexbots, and their own neuroses? You’ll have to read (or at the very least skim) to find out!

Brutal Captor I

She’s devoted to saving lives. When she pulls a bullet from a mobster’s chest, can she also melt his frozen


A man with a mission, a woman on the run. Can they escape the past that haunts them both? Years

About the Author

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