Bullies and Peeps

Find Your Peeps

Meg is a bit of a misfit at school. She prefers nature to people. One day, her only friend joins a popular girl group led by Hannah, the most popular girl in the class.Meg finds a welcome distraction—a goose sitting on a nest of eggs in the school courtyard. Hannah and her girl group bully Meg as she watches and waits for goslings. No one is prepared for what happens after the eggs hatch.

"It's hard to imagine that any parent wouldn't want his/her child exposed to the lessons in this book, not only, as the title suggests, that bullying behavior is bad, but also that there's a set of responsibilities each of us has to:- stand up against wrongdoing- talk about hurts with those who hurt us- strive to BE capable, reasonable people, but also take the trouble to COMMUNICATE our best selves through verbal and non-verbal cuesI am sure I'll be thinking about this book for a while. Its lessons apply to adults as well as children, within families, as citizens and in every human transaction across the globe. Kudos to the author."
5 Star Amazon Review

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