By Their Wits

Two children raised by Viking warriors. Their worlds are the same and yet so very far apart.

As the foster-son of a ruthless Viking chieftain, young Bjorn is accustomed to harsh living and fighting for his place in the household. When his chieftain and foster-father places a tough test before him, Bjorn learns an important lesson.

The daughter of a rich and powerful Jarl, Astrid is a well-loved, pampered girl. When danger strikes in the form of predatory outlaws and her greatest fear made real, she has to use her wits and fight for her survival.

The Lady and The Rake

A Sweet Regency Short StoryI’m delighted to re-release my first short story. I entered The Lady and The Rake in

My Hired Husband

Wynter Rochester is in a damn jam. She’s messed up her life and now her uncle refuses to release her

About the Author

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