Cadie and Samuel: In the Interim

Focusing on Samuel Singleton and Cadie Maxwell's brief romantic interlude, the story adds depth and understanding to their complicated emotional connection.

The events in this short-story take place during the weeks between the novels Merula and Corvus.

He is about to be named the new leader of the tribe of the Children of Corvus, and considered a god on earth. She is his spiritual Guardian. Neither can fight the overwhelming attraction they feel for the other, but Cadie fears that a relationship with Samuel could threaten her position within the tribe and her hard-won autonomy.

Samuel is aware of the many obstacles—all the reasons that make acting on his feelings for Cadie a very bad idea. The restless beast that lives inside him is not the least of those reasons. When he is near her, however, he can’t seem to control his lust for the beautiful Guardian. Will they ever be able to overcome the weight of their pasts? Or will duty and the expectations of the tribe be what ultimately tears them apart?

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