Camino Wandering

Do you know who your are and what you're made of?

On the journey of a lifetime, can one woman complete a spiritual trek to find herself and rebuild?

Saint Jean Pied de Port, France. Aubrey aches to pick up the pieces of her shattered life. So, at her son’s urging, she swallows her anxiety to walk the Camino de Santiago. But at the start of the 500-mile route across Spain, the fifty-year-old already feels the full weight of the pilgrimage, anticipating it will only end in failure.

Desperate to face down her demons, she’s guarded when meeting two Australian women in search of their own truths. But as their bond blossoms, she finds comfort in shared hurts and uncertainties. However, Aubrey still struggles to reveal her burdens and release her deepest pain.

Can Aubrey heal her soul and discover a future worth embracing?

Transporting readers alongside an extraordinary experience, Tara Marlow explores the strength and importance of female friendships. And by delving into complex and real-world issues while giving an authentic glimpse of the pilgrim trail, the author’s powerful message of gaining knowledge of one’s true self will engage and inspire.

Camino Wandering is a deeply emotional novel of women’s fiction. If you like relatable heroines, personal growth, and triumph over adversity, then you’ll adore Tara Marlow’s light in the dark.

"A great story about female friendship and finding your truth"
Nicole Alley, Goodreads

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