Carolina Cowboy

A Sweet, Southern, Small-Town, Cowboy, Reunion Clocktower Romance.

It was a really bad day when Lil McGovern rushed home to care for her estranged father. Then she got the rest of the story—he’s partnered with the cowboy who shattered her heart ten years ago. Worse, the duo is almost broke. Now, she has a dismal choice: her dad’s mobility or her cowboy’s legacy and her last connection to her rancher roots.</b>

The day of his partner’s stroke, Cody Barnfield’s plans circle the manure pile. Then Lil proposes to sell the ranch to fund her dad’s therapy and torches the mess. She might as well trade her dad’s land for his heart and soul. Cody should know. She traded his heart for a fancy life in the city. But just because he has to work with her doesn’t mean he’ll fall for her again. This cowboy knows his limitations.

But the pull of the land forces them to risk everything, including their hearts.

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