Christy, Lynks at Tryst Falls: Book #2

A Second Chance, New Adult, Sports Romance Novel

Club life is much more than golf.  When the steamy secrets at the pool rise to the top, the juicy chatter leads to quite the calamity, will disaster strike or lead to a happily ever after?


As pool manager, Christy does a great job, and enjoys spending time with the children in the summer ensuring that all activities are safe and fun.  The single mother of twins, she relishes the extra time spent with her girls.  The club’s newest member, unexpectedly, gives her the surprise of her life.


When Ryan Harper joins the club, Christy, is faced with a blast from the past that could reveal more than anyone might ever imagine.  She finds herself with a hidden secret, a budding romance, and a new circle of friends.


Will Ryan relive the past when he sees his own eyes staring back at him?


Christy is the second story in the Lynks at Tryst Falls series.  A second chance, new adult, sports romance novel that draws you into the drama at Tryst Falls.


Grab your copy of Christy, Lynks at Tryst Falls today.


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