Coffee and a Kiss

Can a sea change heal a broken heart?

Susan Maxwell’s day just got worse. An unwelcome surprise awaits her when she arrives home from work.Her sister, Allie, insists she comes to the coast to catch her breath and heal her heart.Arranging to meet at a coastal café, Susan’s attention is captured by café owner Tom, who extends kindness and a listening ear.But when Susan’s ex arrives unexpectedly to win her back, misunderstandings force her to decide – will she follow her head or will she listen to her heart?

Runaway Love

Runaway Love is the first story in The Pine Creek series. Dangerous Love, Heartbreak Love and Risky Love are all

Fading Into the Night

How do you defend yourself against an attack you can’t see? Nora Brooks has been sent to the small town

The Countess Invention

She needs a man’s help to protect her secret identity. She doesn’t need to fall in love. Can he help

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