Combat Genesis: World of Combat Prequel

In Ojisan's world, the sick live or die in isolation—they have no choice. . .

. . . and it’s much worse if you’re one of the gifted being hunted by the government.A young, dedicated healer, Ojisan fights against society’s rules to save a sick woman from the most recent plague—while outside the sickroom, Kiriai, her young daughter, cries and her husband rails in anger and grief.In the arena, an angry father challenges Ojisan to keep him away from his daughter. The fighters they select will settle the dispute in a trial by single combat.But even a victory won’t reveal the dangerous secret his love’s father is hiding from the world. Ojisan has to do that—if he wants to save her life.Fans will love discovering how Ojisan and Kiriai’s story began, because everyone loves a hero who fights to save everyone. Enjoy reading Combat Genesis, the prequel to Misty Zaugg’s World of Combat YA Dystopia series.

"Without a doubt this is one of the best books I have read even though it is a prequel. I wish I had read it first instead of second. This book gives an insight into the characters that you do not get from the first book in the series. Do yourself a favor and read this book. There is very little martial arts in this book but the emotion replaces the action. This book will pull on your heartstrings and only the ending saves you."
5 Star GoodRead Review

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