A Deal Gone Wrong, A Journey Begun

Two major jewelry companies, Hugh Bradley Jewelers and Amour Jewelers, are hosting a lavish gala. Unfortunately, someone is selling cocaine along with the jewels. Amid the festivities, a young woman collapses. She is an employee of Hugh Bradley Jewelers and is the liaison between the company and the caterer. Tragically, she dies from an overdose of cocaine.

Investigating the source of the drug, Grant and Greg use their resources to seek out the drug dealer. This is Grant’s first case as the lead agent and he wants to make sure everything goes well. However, one of their suspects creates a complication that may cause a setback in Grant’s career. Can Grant and Greg catch the killer before someone else dies or Grant loses his position?

"Concealed (An Agents of Justice Short Story) by Susanna Haymond is an engaging short story murder mystery. With interesting characters, a solid plot, and graphic scenes, the story unfolds in a satisfying manner. The characters and settings are thoroughly described in detail. The substantial descriptive content creates a clear-cut and comprehensible storyline, which leaves no room for doubt of who, what, how or why. This articulate novella will interest those who enjoy a quick read starring federal agents."
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