Corrupted in Corpus Christi

A Travel Cozy Prequel

Why would you suddenly sacrifice your entire life?

The murder of your best friend?Being set up as a suspect?Realizing those in authority are deceitful and corrupt?Joan and Alen Arny are dealing with a set of unimaginable circumstances in different ways.Alen, blocked from doing his job as sheriff when his best friend is murdered, feels frustrated and helpless but that’s nothing compared to what he feels when the murderer is revealed.Joan uses her time off from being a 911 operator to do what Alen can’t and investigate one friend for the murder of another. She’s realizing that being on the front lines of agony and despair is slowly destroying her faith in humanity as she witnesses the increasing level of depravity in society.Will they survive the investigations that will leave them either victims or suspects? Is there a single solution to heal them both?Read it today, because we love a cozy mystery where the good guys prevail.Corrupted in Corpus Christi is the short prequel to the series.

"What a treat this book is. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Alen and Joan are well developed main characters. The crimes are serious, but not overly disturbing. I am tickled to have discovered this fictional couple."
5 Star Amazon Review

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