Cushlamachree, The Vein of my Heart: A prequel to Irish Eyes

She met a man who would make her dreams come true. Will she get her happily ever after?

As an orphan of the potato famine in 1800’s Ireland, Katie longed for the genuine family life she never had. When this young maid met stable hand Finn, she fell head over heals for his sweetness, rugged good looks and charm. She thought all her dreams would come true and made plans a loving family life on a farm where she could care for her own home and family, instead of in service to another. When tragedy strikes, does she get her happily ever after? This prequel to the novel Irish Eyes, a Timeless American Historical Romance features Katherine’s love story, in Irish gaelic Cushlamachree, The Vein of my Heart. How Maggie’s mother fell in love, impacts her life forever and begins Maggie’s attitude toward men and how to live.

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