Dancing With Fireflies

Sometimes your first love is also your last.

When Grady’s mother died, it sent his father into a tailspin of alcohol and rage. Life was hard.

But when he meets Everly-Rose, everything changes.

He changes.

She became the light in his darkness.

She taught him how to feel happiness again.

He fell in love.

But love doesn’t stop the world from coming between them. She’s the preacher’s daughter. The good girl. A girl with a bright future. A girl who couldn’t spend her life with a boy like him.

And in the end, she broke Grady’s heart. All the hurt he feels inside is just too much. There’s no reason for him to stay in their small town anymore. Grady does the only thing he can; he leaves it all behind and doesn’t look back.

Years later, after his father dies, his sister convinces him that coming home for the funeral is the right thing to do. Except, the memories still burn like fire on his skin. All the years away didn’t stop what he feels inside.

Grady quickly realizes that his life is empty without Everly-Rose. And no matter how far he ran, he never stopped loving her. Second chances don’t come around often, and Grady Nash refuses to miss his.

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