Dangerous Habit

In the split second when the blade is pointed at you, do you honor your vows or your life?

Sister Minnie Chance believes she has chosen the right path until, one dark night, she is forced to defend her very life against a stranger—an act that challenges her faith, fills her with doubt, and leads her back to the father she could never rely on. She soon discovers that the world outside the convent isn’t what she expected as she stumbles onto a deep well of family secrets and danger she could never have imagined. Someone is trying to kill Minnie. But who? And why?

My Alien Warrior Soulmate

A’LECKSII wake with the pulsing Beacon in my head.I must follow it to discover my soulmate.She’s far across the galaxy


Psychic. Seer of the future.With a unique ability—she can twist anyone’s mind to her will.There’s no limit to Annika’s pleasure

Love Garage

Love Garage is open for business! In Book 1 of this compelling family saga-style romance series meet the Love family

About the Author

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