Daughters of Awen: Rise of the Summer God

A Battle of Gods and Kingdoms

When a sister and brother are trapped on opposite sides of a war for the throne, will blood prevail over honor?

For eons untold, three gods have ruled the sky of Cendoria, battling for the adulation of the populace. Over time, their influence has ebbed and flowed, their circle never complete, but now will come the Summer God. The scales will be tipped. The world unbalanced.

The arrival of Duke Norstum and death of the Keng’s beloved ruler upend Aldera and Kylem’s quiet world. Torn from her home, exiled, Aldera must forget her old life and ways, and learn to harness the power of the Raven Goddess. Kylem, left behind in the Keng, takes a different path. One that embraces the machinations of Duke Norstum and pits the siblings against each other as the world shudders with the burgeoning struggle for power.

Daughters of Awen is an Epic Fantasy novel rife with magic, deceit, greed, betrayal and honor. If you enjoy delving into a world of valor and intrigue, you’ll love Hanford’s first installation in her Rise of the Summer God Series. Pick up your copy of Daughters of Awen today to start the adventure.

Daughters of Awen is part of the Rise of the Summer God Series by Summer H Hanford and is volume one of six.

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