Daughters of Men

A captivating blend of SF/Paranormal/Women's Fiction

Forces stronger than hurricanes are at work in the Cape Fear.

For thirty-one years, Lila has hidden her extrasensory abilities, creating a small life in the same coastal North Carolina city where she was born. But her nightmares have grown worse, her angels still haven’t learned Morse code, and raising a thirteen-year-old genius requires the kind of mental focus that Lila has never quite mastered. Still, the abnormal seems fairly normal—until a strange young man appears and a new friend confides a shocking truth about her pregnancy.

Sal, on the other hand, has never attempted to hide. In his experience, humans do not see what they do not wish to acknowledge. He moves among them, identifying the aberrations as he always has, as he knows he must. This existence depends upon it. One choice made long ago, one decision born of guilt and fear, is now a secret he must protect—at any cost.

A character-driven novel that blends paranormal and science fiction genres, Daughters of Men takes a southern writer’s approach to weaving a multiverse one thread at a time. If you like how Stephenie Meyer pulls you into her characters’ worlds, and miss how The X-Files and Fringe kept you wondering “What if?”, then immerse yourself in the multi-generational mysteries to be unveiled in the Daughters series!

""Indelible characters carry this sometimes-perplexing but enthralling speculative tale." —Kirkus Reviews"
Kirkus Reviews

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