Deadly Audit

Ever Had To Start Over Again . . .

Winston Barquist III, a former big-time corporate attorney who narrowly escaped disbarment, is now a 300-pound moped-riding lawyer, turning his life around with a new girlfriend and a re-invented career as a sole practitioner in a flea-bag office above a Dairy Mart.

Mostly, his cases consist of defending small-time hoods and negotiating simple divorces, but his life takes an abrupt new direction when a svelte society matron parks her Mercedes at his front door and hires him to investigate a large fund in which she and her husband are both trustees.

Read This Story And See What Turns It All Into A DEADLY AUDIT With Bullets Flying.

""Very skilled. Out of the blue he gets a call for help from a very rich beautiful damsel in distress who mysteriously goes missing, That is where the plot gets intense involving crime, deceit, murder, and great suspense. A very fun read, a strong 4.5.""
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