Deleted Scene – Simone and Quinn

Simone might be the reason Quinn needs to stay.

This is a hot, intimate scene between Simone and Quinn. Please be advised content is explicit and for a mature, adult audience.  Please note this is the teaser and not the full-length novel. Buy Flame For You, wherever you purchase ebooks.

"This book was HOT from the start! Not one dull moment in this book. The main characters had wonderful back stories and great character development. There was a lot of spice but it was written very well and didn’t take away from the storyline. The trauma both characters endured and were put through throughout the story was so good! I did feel like Simone didn’t make Quinn pay for his mistake enough, but the ended was great. Part of me didn’t want the bad person to be who it was… part of me thought it was from the beginning. The details changed enough throughout the story to keep me guessing!"

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