Destination Sun

A Book of Travel and Transition

A record snowfall prompted Robert Goluba to make a fateful decision. Should he remain in Illinois with his friends, family, and a stable career, or should he follow his dream and pursue a life in the sun? He chose the sun and learned that moving 1,500 miles away as a newlywed brings adventure, turbulence, and humorous gaffes.Destination Sun highlights the discovery of new sun-drenched land by a couple born and bred outside Chicago. Follow along as they navigate unique terrain, new cultures, old regrets and the excitement of a significant life transition.

Flying Fortress

It was supposed to be just another mission. But for the crew of the B-17 bomber Sky King, the horrors

Salvare’s Mountain

Few can dream like Gideon, and those who do must devote themselves to the grey—a magic the citizens of Anchorton

The Duck Springs Affair

A lonely housewife starts a passionate affair with a traveling construction worker. After three months of secret meetings, they did

About the Author

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