Devious Promise: A Dark Mafia Romance

I took my enemy’s younger sister. Now she’s mine.

I had one job to do: Kill Jimmy Connolley.

Too bad nothing in life ever is that easy.

Jimmy is gone without a trace, and living in his apartment is his luscious, fiery-haired younger sister, Rowan. She may not like it, but this stubborn bombshell is now my collateral.

Holding her in my New York City penthouse is as much about luring Jimmy into my grasp as it is about protecting her from her brother’s enemies.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m no white knight—I work for the most ruthless Bratva family on the East Coast. But after just one taste, I must make Rowan mine.

When it comes to her, I’ll destroy anyone in my way.

"I LOVED Devious Promise and how you painted such an amazing picture of the world and these characters. I am definitely invested in this couple and want to read the main series!"

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