Discovering Wynne: A Hearts of Cornwall Prequel

A lady innkeeper and the reforming smuggler who’s always held her heart

She’d spent most of her life collecting glimpses of Roddie Teague like cockle shells in Copper Cove. But now, she’d gladly trade her favorite cousin to never see the man again.
– Wynne Kimbrell, Discovering Wynne

A lady dreaming of the future. For years, Wynne Kimbrell’s compass has been firmly fixed on two points: marrying Roddie Teague and becoming innkeeper of The Fin and Feather. His abrupt departure from Newford put an end to the first, but when his unexpected return threatens the second, she does what she does best: she bargains.

A man trapped by the past. Roddie Teague’s youth was filled with flirting and smuggling, so he was at a loss to understand the pedestal upon which wee Wynnie Kimbrell had placed him. But then a man died, and he was forced to abandon his carefree life. Now, he’s finally returned to Newford, but Wynne isn’t quite the adoring pisky he remembers.

When past secrets collide with future hopes, will Wynne and Roddie settle on terms that suit them both?

Discovering Wynne is a complete story, a prequel to the Hearts of Cornwall series. The eBook version is available at no charge to K. Lyn Smith newsletter subscribers. Read more about the heart-warming Kimbrell cousins of Cornwall in

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"Smith is hands-down my favorite escape… THESE COUSINS! Oh my!"
5-star Goodreads review

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