Distant Boundary: Prequel to The COIL Legacy

Where danger knows no boundaries

In DISTANT BOUNDARY, Prequel novella for The COIL Legacy Series, D.I. TELBAT takes us to a distant land where danger knows no boundaries.Now working for COIL, Agent Titus Caspertein has left the criminal underworld to carry the cross of Christ, but survival has never seemed more unlikely for this new Christian.Assumed dead after a bungled humanitarian airdrop, Titus fights for his life against hyenas, wild dogs, and isolation in the African savanna.With two broken limbs, and predators prowling for his blood, Titus relies on a young boy to keep him alive. Unless his wife, Annette, finds him before a heavily armed rhino poacher does, Titus will become a casualty of the Zimbabwe wilderness.We pray you enjoy this exciting Prequel to The COIL Legacy, and discover there is truly no redemption without sacrifice.At 18,000 words, DISTANT BOUNDARY includes a note from Author D.I. Telbat, 2 maps, and a Bonus Chapter from Distant Contact, Book One in The COIL Legacy.
"Your books are a breath of fresh air in today's reading choices."
Suzanne O'Neal, website contact

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