A Cry For Help From Beyond The Grave

Ed’s paranormal investigation skills are called for when a local vicar finds the gigantic oak cross behind the altar turned completely upside down when he visits the church. Not something any human could have done. And there have been other… phenomena…that are starting to become very unsettling. And Ed needs to find out what is going on before it’s too late!

Rescuing Her Rebel

What are the odds Lydia Allyn gives Daniel Greene, the man who broke her heart, a second chance when he

Zero Hour

What happens when an untrained seer possesses the most powerful grimoire ever to exist?Leslie’s a romance author, who happens to

Swallowed by Darkness

She wakes to a bone-chilling cold with no memory. Strapped to a table far, far from Earth, she’s pumped full of artificial hormones,

About the Author

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