Play stops once the whistle gets blown...

Gladiators football team offensive lineman, Eric McBride, aka Everest, has a lot riding on his shoulder pads. As team captain, players look to him to referee unsportsmanlike conduct on and off the field. He’s the lone male in his family, his five sisters and mother look to him to keep things real. And as a boyfriend to his on-again off-again girl, Charlene, he’s made more than a few fumble recoveries.Blind loyalty and effective leadership can’t exist on the same playing field. His compulsive sense of duty to everyone and everything will cost him.

Trust & Betrayal

Etta and Owen meet again as adults after a memorable, drunken night at prom as high-school kids. This time he


Her orders are to assassinate her mentor, but will the fae general teach her one last deadly lesson?Kelliope has been

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