Enemy Boss: A Billionaire Bad Boy Romance

Enemies To Lovers

He’s an egotistical billionaire… And my new boss.
But making out in his office wasn’t exactly in the job description.

Your typical arrogant rich man.
I felt Griffin’s sense of entitlement to get everything he wanted with the snap of a finger — including me

I rolled my eyes at his playboy ways
He’s a MASSIVE jerk
But he’s torturously hot
And money makes us do crazy things.

…That’s how I ended up as his assistant.

After my dad ended up in jail, losing everything our family had, I needed this job.
How hard could it be to keep it professional long enough to get the money and run?
But, Griffin doesn’t stop until he gets what he wants.

Working hours became “after hours” – in and out of the office.
I was getting sucked into his world of thousand dollar dinners and romance you see in the movies.
He knew ALL of my weaknesses.

This isn’t what I had planned.
Now I am falling for a man who could ruin my reputation.
Or worse, break my heart.

I’m in too deep.

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