Falling For The Grump

An Age Gap Boss Romance

He is my first and the hot silver fox that’s stealing my heart….


This gorgeous man had me at hello.

I felt an odd sensation in my stomach every time I met his eyes.

He’s like a glimmering lamp, and I’m a helpless moth.

I have never experienced this with a man before.

Then one stormy night stuck in his mansion, and we can no longer ignore the sparks between us.

Feeling his body tremble over mine is intoxicating.


 And now life without her seems impossible. 

I can’t rid myself of an overwhelming feeling of guilt due to our age difference.

But I’m her first, and I hope she’s my last.

Time is running out.

If I don’t confess my feelings for her before the contract ends,

I could lose my chance at true love forever.


"Really good story about Katie and her business professor Tom. Katie is a history major and with some friend's “guidance” they crashed a class by sexy Dr Thomas Rivers. Dr Tom noticed Katie as he went person by person scanning the kids in the lecture hall. She captivated him in a short time he saw her. She ended up taking his class and they found themselves becoming more and more attracted to each other and had talked more and more finding a level of comfort neither had fully thought the other might have for them. They met at a Halloween party and then Dr Rivers arranged a tour to the pyramids in Egypt where he and Katie finally told each other about their feelings. Unfortunately, one of the other professors made some waves for them and they struggled with the interference. But all worked out in the end with Katie and Tom working out all the issues with a bit of a twist in the plot at the end. This was a quick read, as I needed to know what would happen and how they would resolve the issues. I’d recommend getting this book and carving out a couple days to read it as its very difficult to put down."

Sweet On You

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