Fated Fire

An Enemies to Lovers Fantasy Romance

A red-hot fire royal hates me because of my bloodline.

I am the lost princess of the Fire Kingdom, destined to be the most powerful of my kind.

My family has been at war with the Sigmas for centuries.

Now, Asher Sigma must teach me to control the flames coursing through my veins.

If only he can teach me to control the white-hot burning I have for him.

His loathsome scowl for me makes my body ache for him.

Fate forces us further together to thwart an ancient, evil force.

If we fail, the entire Enchanted Realm is doomed.


Fated Fire is a paranormal romance about 18+ college-aged students. Their powers are hot but the passion is hotter. You can expect enemies-to-lovers, good versus evil, fated mates, and secret royals with a happily ever after. This book is the first in a series but is its own standalone novella and can be read independently.

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