Finding Amanda

An abuser from her past will stop at nothing to keep her quiet.

All she wants is peace. 
Chef Amanda Johnson hopes publishing her memoir will bring justice to the man who abused her and heal the wounds that have festered too long. And she’s not about to let her estranged husband talk her out of it.
He’ll do anything to protect his wife.
Veteran Mark Johnson believes the psychiatrist who took advantage of his wife when she was a teen is more than just abusive—he’s a psychopath. But now that they’re separated, Amanda doesn’t trust Mark’s judgment and has no interest in his protection.
A stranger comes to her rescue.
When Alan Morass protects Amanda from the man from her past, Mark has a new battle to face. Now he must safeguard his wife both from the stranger who threatens their marriage and the psychopath who threatens her life.
Finding Amanda won a Lyra Award and was a Carol Award nominee.
""Wow - what an intense ride! It's been awhile since I've read a book that was THIS hard to put down.""
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