Fire, Flood, and Ice

Three Short Stories of Classic Science Fiction

Three modern science fiction short stories inspired by the authors of the golden age.

Front Row Seat A Million Years From Extinction: A marine biologist takes a reporter deep under the ocean to witness the beginnings of life—artificial life.

Flood, Fire, and Ice: A team of terraformers begin the long road to making a dead planet inhabitable, and come across a discovery that changes everything.

Echoes: A squad of soldiers patrolling a hotly contested wasteland come across an unexpected sight—a family picnic where everyone is oblivious to them.

The Mark

Ivy Elliot is a formidable spy. When she sets her sights on a target or mission, nothing gets in her

A Strict Lesson

Rule #1: Never get involved with a student.Professor Patel Park knows better than to risk his career on a student.

Trouble in Texas

It should have been simple Cat Randolph is everything Mark Kincaid shouldn’t want, but does. The enticing wild bird rehabilitator

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