Flame For A Weekend: A Bandit Brothers Novella

A Sweet and Spicy Kinky Exploration

Not too much kink, but not too little. With just the right partner, it’s surprising what you’ll do.

Gardenia Thompson has had enough listless experiences in the past to know that she’s firmly on the mild side of the spice aisle.

She’d love to see what Dax O’Connor can dish out, but the timing hasn’t been right…

For months, Dax has felt an attraction to the shy head of the human resources department.

When the bosses at Axis Management declare a mandatory shutdown, Dax knows just who he wants to spend that time with and Gardenia finally says yes to his invitation.
Dax senses Gardenia can bring out his Daddy Dom and as they explore the aisle together, he suspects this Babygirl might like more spice than she’s convinced she can take.

Can the heat that’s between them flame for a weekend?

Flame For A Weekend is a novella set in the Bandit Brothers world but can be read as a standalone. This sweet and kinky novella contains themes of Daddy Doms/Babygirl, spanking, impact play, mentions domestic violence, and includes a scene of domestic assault. It is intended for a mature audience.


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