For Love of Daniel


“This poignant, charming novella warmed my heart more than anything has in a LONG time. It had a distinctly fairytale-ish feeling to it and made me smile all the way through.” – Amazon reviewerAlthough they had always dreamed of having a family, tall, horse-faced Frances and stubby, one-eyed Jack had reconciled themselves to a lifetime of abject loneliness. Then one day, out of nowhere, an infant is dropped into their midst. A fairy tale for adults!

"Good novella about an unlikely couple who band together for the love of a child abandoned to their care by his birth mother. Francis and Jack, along with her sister, Mildred, band together to provide a loving home for young Daniel. He, in turn, blessed their lives. You'll enjoy it and find that love can blossom in unexpected ways.This is a very sweet novella about two friends, Jack and Frances, who never married and are neither is one of the beautiful people. One day a pregnant woman falls asleep on Jack's porch. She is ready to give birth, but does not want the child. What happens to Jack and Frances is a real fairy tale."
5 Star Amazon review

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