Chem’s Secret Legion Lab Notes

Get a glimpse into the hidden Legion society in the heart of Chicago.

No one escapes the Legion. Not even the liquid flowing through your veins.For decades, the antigen in the Claimed has plagued them with chemically-chosen Designations, forced loyalty to the Legion, and altered the very functioning of their bodies.Peek into the mind of Chem – Legion Ruler, chemist, and all-around mad genius as he devises serums to do the three things he’s vowed to do his whole life.–Be loyal to the Legion.–Aid the Claimed.–Never lose, even to the substance that controls him. Check out more at

Angel of the Crypt

I’m a fallen angel damned to walk the Earth alone with nothing but my own shame keeping me company. I’ve

Tales of Lady Luck

The Las Vegas Review published that Vito Zuppardo’s party jet customers dropped sixty million dollars at Nevada casinos in the

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