Forsaken Storm (Storm Series Prequel)

Her Escape Became The Fight Of Her Life!

Brace yourself for an exhilarating adventure as Nicole Giordano’s dreams collide with reality.

My life took a dramatic turn when my dream Guardian unexpectedly appeared on my 17th birthday. With dive bars, false identities, and strange encounters in unfamiliar towns, I find myself on a thrilling roller coaster ride I never expected. In the midst of it all, Logan becomes my anchor, guiding me through the chaos and shielding me from hidden enemies. As our relationship deepens, our once-innocent connection transforms into a seductive dance that consumes my every thought.

Join Nicole Giordano and Logan on their perilous journey in the riveting prequel to the acclaimed Storm series by A.R. Vagnetti, a steamy paranormal romance that will leave you breathless.

"Perfect beginning to the series!" I love this series and have read all the books! This prequel does not disappoint! Whether you have already started this series or want to see what it will be like this book is perfect. I have always loved the dynamic between Nicole and Logan, so being able to see how it all started was fantastic! If you haven't started this series, read this book and get hooked!""
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