After centuries as a succubus, no one is sicker of the goddess. Dyella won’t stop interfering in matters that don’t concern her, and it’s made Furore’s existence needlessly complicated. When Grinja, a powerful artefact, falls into her possession, she uncovers an opportunity to change the status quo. Forever. What if they were to trade places? Who needs love ruled by a self-righteous prick anyway? Dyella won’t be bested by a mere demon though. She won’t bend to that which she considers beneath her. If Furore intends to succeed, she must overcome her own nature, and it won’t be pleasant. Can a goddess even be killed?

A Predator’s Plaything

“A wealthy, self-proclaimed doll maker is terrorizing his perfect women in Columbus, Ohio.But Jeremiah Woodson, a mysterious vigilante with a

All For Love

Miranda (Mimi) was well on her way to a romantic doom when her friend Jojo invited her to be a

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