Get To Know Yourself In 21 Days

With Journal Prompts

Do you feel like you are moving through life in circles?Do you feel like you are constantly chasing a life out there, working hard and doing what you are told you are supposed to but you ended up nowhere close to your dreams?This was me. I had based my own worth on how hard I worked and how much I excelled in everything I did, because I felt I had to prove my worth to myself and others. It took an extreme case of burnout and depression for me to surrender to the truth behind my WHY. If my Why was my guiding compass that was supposed to fuel my heart to reach me to my goals, my why wasn’t big enough. It didn’t feel authentic, and I felt like I was just copying and pasting other people’s formula whilst ignoring my own essence, my truth.We are all unique and we each bring something different to the table, no matter where you currently are in life and how more qualified or experienced others are. The unique experiences that you get to live through everyday since the day you were born have cultivated some skills, knowledge and behaviors (good or bad) that you can take advantage of or evolve to a better trait. But the key aspect is to bring awareness to them and the stories that shaped them. This will bring new found confidence in who you are and help you navigate your soul on your life journey.Will you join me on this commitment for 21 days?If you are ready for this journey, send me a message & say hello. Let me know how it’s going on Facebook.Never stop believing!!Sri Venus

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