Grace – Book One – Brides of the Rio Grande

It will take all of Grace's courage and all of John's faith to overcome the secrets, lies and betrayals standing between them and a happily-ever-after.

The only family Grace Sinclair has known includes three other orphans and the bawdy saloon owner who took them in eight years earlier. Grace has appointed herself big sister, friend, and protector to the three younger girls, seeing to their welfare as best she can with no money, no family and no hope for much of a future. When one of her sisters kills an over-ardent saloon patron in self-defense, Grace knows her only chance of keeping her little family together is to hightail it out of town so the law will think she’s the murderess.

John Malone didn’t send for a mail-order bride, but somehow he finds himself wed to a feisty city woman hellbent on forcing him to confront the misery and loss he’s been hiding from since the devastating loss of his wife and infant son. His plan to convince the young woman he’s not a fit husband and the unsettled Colorado wilderness is not a fit place for a lady quickly goes awry, plunging him deeper into trouble when he finds himself falling for his sweet bride.

Grace’s hopes for a family of her own and a reunion with her sisters shatter when John discovers she is wanted for murder. It will take all of Grace’s courage and all of John’s faith to overcome the secrets, lies, and betrayals standing between them and happily ever after.

"5.0 out of 5 stars Tumultuous Reviewed in the United States on April 13, 2022 Verified Purchase So worthy of five stars. Got me right from the start and just kept building. Somethings I never expected or would dream of. If this story is an indicator of the rest of then series, I'm in for a treat."

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