Hospital Porter, Immortal, Guardian of the Afterlife

In the dead of night Bertie walks the corridors of Macmillan’s Hope and Sanctuary Hospital, befriending the dying and letting them know they are not alone, that they have not been forgotten.Is he an angel, there to guide them on to their eternity, or is he just a kindly hospital porter giving those so close to the end a little hope?Bertie is both, and he is neither.He is the guardian of the afterlife, guiding those recently passed back to a time in their life where they were the happiest.Bertie isn’t the only one with abilities he cannot explain though, and he isn’t the only one for whom the sands of time do not flow.Who is the man who finds him in his dreams, and why does he reach out to him?

"Loved it! Brilliant idea and great characters. Bertie is amazing. Next 2 books are now on my urgent wish list. I have to know Bertie's story.I won't give away any details of the storyline, but I can guarantee that Guardian is a riveting read that will leave you wanting more. The writing is top notch, with a good pace and well written characters. It's difficult to slot it into a particular genre, but I'd say it's a mixture of sci-fi, fantasy, and cerebral.This is one book in a short series, but is also a good standalone storyline.If you like stories that offer something different this is the series for you.Without giving away any details, this book will have you hooked! The author does a fantastic job of getting the scenery and people across and has a way with words that really helps to drag you into the book as if you are living it yourself.Highly recommended"
5 Star Amazon Reviews

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