Hallowed Halls: A Clean Medical Romance

She fears she'll be hurt again. He knows he made a big mistake. Thrown back together, will they let their love rekindle?

Dr. Joy Gilbert is in a tailspin. Fired for rejecting her employer’s advances, she returns to her small hometown only to find her mother desperately ill and her old boss’s teenage daughter a stowaway. And with no salary coming in to pay the bills, her sole option is to take a job in the ER with the man who broke her heart.

Dr. Zachary Travis lives in quiet anguish. Still single after ending his engagement to the beautiful and devout physician, he regrets believing she betrayed him. And now that the love of his life is suddenly working alongside him in the emergency room, the dedicated doc wonders if he’s being offered a second chance.

As Joy struggles to deal with the teen’s sudden health issues and her mom’s severe obesity, the close proximity to her former fiancé reignites all her old feelings. And though Zachary longs to set up a clinic with the only woman he ever wanted, he isn’t certain she still cares for him.

Will hope flatline under pressure, or can the once meant-to-be couple embrace happily ever after?

Hallowed Halls is the memorable first book in the Hallowed Halls of Medicine series of Christian medical romances. If you like dynamic relationships, tested faith, and realistic emergencies, then you’ll adore award-winning author Hannah Alexander’s tale of absolution.

Buy Hallowed Halls for a story of healing old wounds today!

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