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You can't go home again...

After Jerry Fields buried his mother twenty years ago, he cut all ties to the small town in Minnesota where he grew up and swore he’d never return. But when his biological father, a man who never acknowledged him, leaves his entire estate to Jerry in his will, curiosity has him returning to Minnewasta. Why did Earl Rogers leave him everything he owned when during his lifetime he didn’t give Jerry a minute of his time?

Denise Rogers wants to save the business that her deceased husband loved so much. But when her father-in-law Earl leaves all his property to his illegitimate son, saving the business gets a whole lot more complicated. Denise is determined to buy the property from Jerry Fields to keep it from being demolished and turned into condos. She wants to continue to run the business as a marine repair shop like it has for the past seventy years. But events throw her plans into disarray and she has to give up on her dream. Until Jerry offers to work with her over the summer to help her buy the property.

Jerry can’t stomach the idea of putting his half-brother’s widow out of a job and a home, so he decides to stay in Minnewasta to help her. At the end of the summer, Denise will purchase the property from him and they’ll go their separate ways. But as they work together, their feelings for each other deepen into love, and they uncover long-held secrets that force Jerry to question everything he thought he knew about his parents. Can Jerry overcome past hurts and fears for a chance at love?

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