Home to Stay

A Sweet, Southern, Small-Town, Military, Single Mom, Competition, PG-13 Clocktower Romance.

The last thing Ava Robey needs is a man, especially Ryan Murphy, the officer responsible for her husband’s death. She’s determined to open Robey’s Rewards to support her family and honor her husband, but first she has to win the only available lease in historic Sunberry. Wouldn’t you know, Ryan is her competitor? And she for sure won’t be falling for him in the middle of a fierce competition.

Five years haven’t eased Marine officer Ryan Murphy’s guilt about losing the best man in his unit. Now, he’s losing his heart to the man’s widow. But how does he choose between a comrade and a widow, especially when the family he never believed he could have is right in front of him?

Don’t miss this award-winning series opener.

Not Sorry

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