Home to You

Falling in love risks exposing a dark past that will bind them together or tear them apart forever.

Time doesn’t heal all wounds

And some secrets are better left in the past…

Desperate to provide her son with a safe home and a future with more than the barest essentials, Annie Brooks will do just about anything—even if it means returning to her hometown and risk exposing her dark past.

When Nate Lucas’s former high-school sweetheart shows up in town, he knows better than to get tangled up with that particular pair of baby blues. Or with the wounded teenager who should’ve been his.

But Annie’s holding a bargaining chip Nate can’t refuse, and she’ll use everything she can to protect her son and secure his future.

Nate’s determined to keep his distance, but when old feelings are resurrected, he must decide if some risks are worth taking.

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"This book will definitely take you on an emotional roller coaster. I laughed, cried, and cheered. It's the happy ever after for me."


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