Hushed Invaders

She will fight for the truth even when it hurts

Humanity has turned against itself. Only one girl is fighting for the truth.Emily Manther is lost in a world of lost souls. Raised in an orphanage by strangers and bullied at school, she doesn’t have any hope for the future until she confronts her bully, John Mills. But did John mean to destroy her or is he acting under an external influence? These are strange times with rumours of war, mayhem and terror. Emily doesn’t have all the answers, but there is one thing she knows for sure. She is irrevocably attracted to John, even against her own will.Hushed Invaders is a standalone YA dystopian romance novel that features action, surprising plot twists, compelling characters and a kick-ass female heroine. If you liked the Maze Runner or Divergent, then you’ll love this new adventure. Pick up Hushed Invaders to discover this exciting new book today.

"FINALLY! A new and refreshing YA dystopian book to add to my collection! If you're a fan of Hunger Games, Divergent and Twilight then Hushed Invaders is a must-read. Plus, to top it off, you can actually recommend this book to a 13-year-old without hesitation!This thoughtful story has it all - great adventure, moral dilemma, and of course young love. But what makes this book stand out from the rest is how and why 'the enemy' exists. Are they really out there or are they eerily closer than one would think?The heroine of the book, Emily Manther, is courageous and vulnerable in her quest to find answers. She digs deep to understand her life, her parents, and the scary world she lives in. But through it all, one of the hardest things for her to understand is John - is he her bully, her friend or her true love? As Emily discovers more about herself and others, she is fearlessly trying to make things right, no matter what the cost.With a truly creative approach to the creation of the dystopia, DL Akosua also presents the reader with a great escape like no other. Her gripping descriptions of battles and survival often have you holding your breath, curious of how things will work out, not only for mankind but for Emily's personal life as well.Overall, Hushed Invaders is full of delightful twists and a coming of age romance that will have you craving more from the mind of debut writer DL Akosua. This enjoyable read is full of symbolism which may have you wondering by the end - do I have a red tint in my eye?"
5 Star Goodreads Review

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